Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup videos on youtube?

I have been making makeup and hair videos on youtube, and want to know, what are YOU interested in seeing on youtube regarding hair or makeup? I want to know what the viewers are interested in! videos on youtube?
I would like the be able to follow the tutorials without buying a whole pallete of expensive eyeshadows and splurging on various mascaras, foundations, hair curlers, serums, etc.

ex. michellephan has really pretty tutorials, but come on, her makeup is way too expensive.Makeup videos on youtube?
Makeup - the smokey rock and roll kinda look on the eyes and also maybe how to use mix different colors of eyeshadow that blend (Some people use the wrong colors, it's like OMG).

Hair - I'd personally love to know how to get that hmm front part of your hair up, all rock and rollish. :D

Good luck on Youtube.
top ten favoraite make up products.

make up routine.

ps: you look A LOT like holly j from degrassi.
You asked this yesterday!
I like haul videos. I have money so I don't mind spending a lot.

Whats a good makeup(not alreay taken) guru name for youtube?

my name is pamela...,

umm im a teen and

i dont want a cheezy one.

can you help?Whats a good makeup(not alreay taken) guru name for youtube?
Make one up with your fav:




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Hot_PurpleCookie :)Whats a good makeup(not alreay taken) guru name for youtube?
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Makeup Gurus on Youtube?

I am REALLY wanting to make cosmetic youtube vidoes on youtube!

I'm afraid no one will subscribe or anything, but I really want people to watch and get interested. I love makeup and I think people would like my videos.

Please help me!Makeup Gurus on Youtube?
it's worth a try, just start off small.

and send me your channel name, i'll check it out.

i'm eukriipony on youtube.Makeup Gurus on Youtube?
Whats your question?

Most YouTube Gurus (i.e Juicystar07, Allthatglitters21) give advice to people to start with videos that a lot of people will be searching in the search bar, such as smokey eye tutorial, and make sure you keep making videos, and as soon as you start getting subscribers, it just keeps getting better. Also, try your best to include a little bit of everything; hauls, tutorials, reviews, etc. Finally, try to have good video quality, because if your video quality is bad, nobody will want to watch your videos.

Hope I helped %26amp; Good Luck!


I say go ahead and do it. Since it's your passion to experiment with make-up and want to inspire others with your ideas and creativity, then go for it. You have to keep in mind though, that you have to be ready for others to criticize you, that's the YouTube world. Even the best YouTube makeup gurus get criticized for small things, so you have to be prepared, physically and mentally. On a positive note, you will learn a lot as you do videos, from others and yourself. If you believe that you have ideas and tips that can serve others good, then why not share them? You can also let others know who you are and your purpose and inspire others to become make-up gurus on YouTube. So just give it a shot and remember, be yourself and have fun. Hope this helped!
i love watching makeup videos! give it a try, i might!

well if you do so,,, make videos like your makeup collection, everyday look, favorite makeup, hauls, and like your foundation routine and stuff!
If you're pretty you will get tons of views and subscribers. Thats how youtube is these days. Ive seen those cosmetics vids with the hotties, and just because of their looks, they get millions of views.
lol ive been thinking of doing that to.

if i were you id just start off with making a few vids and if they get alot of views make alot more and if they are really good then theyll subscribe to you.

good luck!!!!%26lt;3
i'd look into it, if you'd like. i think it's fun to watch those types of videos.

go for it!

(oh, and send me your channel name, too)
You can make some videos, then enter a contest. If you win, lots and lots of people will sub. to you.
you should go for it. send me your youtube name and ill check it out :D
go for it, just give me ur username and i will scribe to it

Youtube Beauty and Makeup Video Ideas?

I do videos on makeup and beauty tips and tutorials. I have stuff like Makeup for Middle Schoolers, Summer Makeup, How to Make a Face Mask, How to take care of your skin. Anything you guys would want to see? My channel is

No hair tutorials because my camera is bad quality and it never turns out right.I feel like making like how to videos w/o pictures. Like my mask videos and such. All suggestions are fine, I'll probably do them later. But I'll make the other videos first.

I already asked this once, I know.Youtube Beauty and Makeup Video Ideas?
you could do smokey eyes.

how to blend makeup properly.

what colors go with what eyes/ skin tones ect.

hope i helped

Youtube Hair n makeup tutorials?

hi everyone, im a teen girl and like most of the Beauty teens on youtube have started a new tutorial channel for hair and makeup..

so i have made a few videos and put them on a few weeks ago but i only have 4 subscribers... i have some greatl ideas but it seems nobody else like my ideas so i thought i might just ask you guys..

1. What kind of make up looks would you like to see

2. What hairstyles would you like to see

3. What makes a good tutorial video

4. what would make you want to subscribe to someone??

so what do you guys think.... would love your help!!!

thanks in advance!!!Youtube Hair n makeup tutorials?
whats the link to your youtube? ill subscribe!!Youtube Hair n makeup tutorials?
1. more natural looking makeup, how to apply makeup (like what brushes to use and an eyeliner tutorial), best drugstore makeup brands. also skin care items (like face masks or exfoliators)

2. easy hairstyles i can do before school

3. michelle phan makes the ideal tutorial. she doesnt say stuff while she applys makeup, she says it after. watch her videos to get an idea :)))

4. yea. im always into some makeup tutorials! :))
1.i wuld like to c tday how models n celebrities do their make up, i love their make-up but dun no how to do it..

2. hairstyles- cute %26amp; simple hairstyle tht i can go to school....

3.a good quality video??

4. if they hve what u want...

5.i think it's cool....
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  • Applying makeup videos on youtube?

    im looking for a video on youtube

    where it shows before and after makeup

    but actual people applying on their own makeup

    so if you know any good videos please help me out


    i know how to apply makeup

    but i like to see how everyone else looks like wearing makeupApplying makeup videos on youtube?
    I just left this in your previous question box, but I'll leave it here again in case you don't check back on the other:

    On YouTube a lot of people post MAC tutorials, like this one:;m鈥?/a>

    I'm sure if you look on the sidebar when you're watching that clip you'll find more, as well as if you start a new search on YouTube.

    Hope this helped!Applying makeup videos on youtube?
    There's a ton of them, just search for them on youtube.

    Here's one to get you started though:
    I know Lancome has videos of Ross Burton [one of their national makeup artists] showing different looks. But I don't know of any of people putting their own makeup on.

    Makeup lovers, do you watch MakeupGeek Marlena on Youtube?

    If so, have you been to her site, bcuz I see that she sells Mac pigments(samples), and Ben Nye pigments(samples) that I want to buy, but not sure if those are the real deal

    the ******* at MAC have nasty attitudes so I don't ask for samples there..... should I buy from this site?Makeup lovers, do you watch MakeupGeek Marlena on Youtube?
    I love Marlena's videos, she has great makeup tips!

    And yes the MAC and Ben Nye samples are real.Makeup lovers, do you watch MakeupGeek Marlena on Youtube?
    I have purchased MAC from Make-Up Geek Site and it is REAL....Love Marlena %26amp; MUG Report Abuse

    Yes i love makeup geek. She has and uses loads of mac stuff. I have watched all her tutorials and the videos about her whole mac collection and I recon they would be real. I don't think her reputation is worth selling fake stuff. I am in Australia and even here she has done so well for herself so why ruin such a good thing by selling fakes. There is no MAC shop for over an hour from where I live so I buy mine from ebay usually.
    Yes she is awesome and all of her samples are legit. She has some really great tutorials for eyeshadows.